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Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois
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Child Support Assistance

 State Disbursement Unit Information

What is IV-D?

The child support service called the IV-D (4-D) Program is a federal, state, and local  effort to collect child support from  parents who are legally obligated to pay.

Established in 1975 as Title IV-D (4-D) of the Social Security Act, the child support enforcement  program functions in all 50 states and  some foreign countries as  well.

Through the IV-D Program absent parents can be located, parentage can be established, and support  orders can be enforced to ensure child  support payments.

Who to call for Help in Receiving Your Child Support Payments

Either of the following phone numbers for the Illinois Department of Public Aid, can be used to make and appointment for enrollment into the IV-D program.  You do not need  to be on public aid to receive child support  services. The department is simply the  administrator of child support for the State of Illinois.

 Illinois  Department of Public Aid

General Information Services

Intake Unit (to arrange an appointment to apply for IV-D Program services)

Cook County State's Attorney  Office

General Information on child support cases

Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County

Account Maintenance Unit
(processing of child support orders, payment information, &
RURESA/UIFSA information)
(312) 603-2000

General  Services Unit
(processing and mailing of child support  payments; affidavits for change of address; and  the motion counter for filing court appearances, petitions, payment of court fees)

Public Information  Office

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