Clerk's Five Pillars

21st Century Information Technology

Under Clerk Brown’s leadership, each division/district/department is making significant strides in streamlining office processes through automation. Increased technological efficiency not only benefits internal operations but is advantageous for the public by expediting procedures while reducing the occurrence of errors.

Customer Service

Clerk Brown strongly believes that people who come in contact with court clerks should be treated courteously and respectfully. She conducted surveys to identify concerns of the customer/client base and supported the issues of concern by implementing quality service initiatives. All 1,600 Clerk’s Office employees attended mandatory customer service seminars. The Clerk personally monitors letters of commendation and complaint.

Operational Efficiency

The divisions/districts/departments of the Clerk’s Office are directed to conduct day-to-day operations in a manner that is highly productive with maximum use of time and resources. Clerk Brown fosters an atmosphere that rewards employees for job competence and cost effectiveness.

Employee Development & Training

Clerk Brown believes that focusing on the training and well-being of employees leads to better on-the-job performances. In an effort to raise the level and quality of the staff, she has made training and personal development opportunities for employees a priority. Also, employee recognition programs to raise morale are important components of Clerk Brown’s administration.

Financial Accountability

The law mandates the Clerk’s Office to make, keep and preserve the records of the court and attend all sessions of the court. But Clerk Brown has also pledged to ensure that public resources are utilized efficiently and effectively, while expanding and strengthening the quality of programs and services.