Clerk Dorothy Brown Adds Texting Service for Getting Next Court Dates

Clerk Dorothy Brown Adds Texting Service for Getting Next Court Dates

  • imgMonday, June 29, 2020

(Chicago) Hon. Dorothy Brown, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County, IL, announced today that due to the many changes in court dates, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and recognizing that some people may not have access to a computer, the public may now obtain up-to-date court hearing dates by text.

The Clerk’s Office has released a series of texting-only activated telephone numbers, covering each area of court operations, for the public to text requests for next court dates. In addition, the Clerk’s Office offers specific email addresses for the public to email to obtain court dates. The text numbers and email addresses are found on the Clerk’s Office’s website ( and are being distributed to the public through media announcements and posters/flyers. (“Get Next Court Date by Text or Email” flyer is enclosed and attached).

Using the phone number or the email address, a text or email message can be sent to the appropriate division, district or department to request a next court date. Users text or email their case number, or, if they do not have their case number, they can text the Plaintiff or Defendant’s name for civil case types, or the Defendant’s name and birthdate for a criminal case.

Today, Chief Judge Timothy Evans entered a General Administrative Order (GAO) that stated the Cook County Circuit Court will begin conducting more court proceedings on July 6th with most matters to continue to be held remotely via videoconference. Individuals who are unsure of when their next court hearings are scheduled can easily use the Clerk’s Office text and email services to quickly learn their next court dates.

The Clerk’s Office also provides other channels for the public to get accurate court hearing dates, including telephone numbers, a FREE MOBILE APP, COURT CLERK MOBILE CONNECT, and the online case docket search on the Clerk’s Office’s website ( Criminal case information is not on the website nor on the Mobile App for the public to access at this time, but the Clerk’s Office is working diligently to add it to the website. Defendants should contact their Public Defender or Private Attorney for their next Criminal court date, while attorneys should register to use the CCC Portal for Illinois Licensed Attorneys to get Criminal case information.

“It is vitally important to continue to provide convenient access to justice for the public under current COVID-19 social-distancing restrictions,” Clerk Brown pointed out. “We want all court users to know that the Clerk’s Office is easily accessible online, by text or email, telephone and via our mobile app, to help them obtain information on their court cases and court hearing dates.”