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Director of Compliance

As required under the SRO, the Clerk of the Circuit Court hired a Director of Compliance ("DOC"), whose primary responsibilities include the following:

  1. Overseeing compliance with the Employment Plan
  2. Maintaining and reviewing the Clerk of the Circuit Court's Exempt List
  3. Accepting, investigating, and reporting on complaints related to Employment Actions and the Employment Plan
  4. Taking steps to evaluate, eliminate, remedy and reporting instances of Unlawful Political Discrimination; and
  5. Training Clerk of the Circuit Court employees on the Employment Plan and reviewing Clerk's Office Policies and Procedures.

Under the SRO, the Director of Compliance is authorized to investigate complaints of unlawful political discrimination by Clerk of the Circuit Court’s Office employees in connection with their employment with the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s Office.

If you would like to make a complaint alleging non-compliance with the Employment Plan or the SRO, a Post-SRO Complaint Form is available or you can contact the Director of Compliance directly at :

Susan Feibus, Interim Director of Compliance


The Employment Plan (“EP”), approved by the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, mandates appropriate practices in all employment actions undertaken by the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Illinois (“Clerk’s Office). In accordance with Article V, Section B of the EP, the Director of Compliance (“DOC”) is required to post its Semi-Annual Report regarding the employment undertakings of the Clerk’s Office. To review the First Semi-Annual Report of the DOC, please click the link here:

First Semi-Annual Report of Director of Compliance