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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Law Division

When a case is filed in the Law Division, it is randomly assigned via a computer program to a calendar letter. You may contact the Information Desk at (312) 603-5426 to obtain the Judge's information associated with the calendar letter.
You may determine your next court date by checking the Case Snapshot or contacting the Information Desk at (312) 603-5426.  
The Litigant Index Search and the Information Desk can help determine whether or not an individual or company is involved in a Law Division case.
Determining whether service has been made or an appearance has been filed in a Law Division case may be accomplished by checking the online electronic case docket, the digital access terminals that are located in the division or contacting the Information Desk by telephone at (312) 603-5426.  
The filing fees can be obtained by reading the Fee Schedule on this site or calling the Law Division at (312) 603-5426.  
You may register a judgment from another state or county by filing the judgment as a new lawsuit in the Law Division. A filing fee is required. For complete details, please see the Knowledgebase Articles section of this site.
An attorney code may be requested, in person, at the Law Division, located in Room 801 of the Richard J. Daley Center, 50 West Washington Street, Chicago, Illinois 60602. It may also be requested by fax at (312) 603-3348, email (, or by mail (see the above address). To request a new attorney code or change an address associated with an existing code, complete the “Cook County Attorney Code Request Form” (351.006) and provide a copy of your valid ARDC card and your valid government-issued driver’s license or identification card.
Motion dates may only be obtained when a motion is filed with the Clerk's Office or when a previously filed motion is reset. For complete details, please see the Knowledgebase Articles section of this page.
In order to serve a subpoena for a deposition in a case pending in another county, state, territory, or country, you must comply Illinois Supreme Court Rule 204 (b), file a Petition to Issue Subpoena and pay the filing fee. For complete details, please see the Knowledgebase Articles section of this page.
The attorney should contact the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission at (312) 565-2600 and adhere to Illinois Supreme Court Rule 707.