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Appearance Counter Procedures

The Civil Division Appearance Counter is located at 50 W. Washington, Daley Center in Room 602.
  • Customers may file an appearance at the Appearance Counter or file electronically via the eFiling system.  Once the appearance is processed at the Appearance Counter, an appearance form will be generated.
  • Customers may obtain copies of the Appearance forms at the Appearance Counter or via the Internet. (All cases over $10,000.00 must also file an Answer.)
  • The Clerk's Office will inform the litigant of the filing fee required to file their appearance.
  • If the litigant does not have the filing fee required to file the appearance, then the Clerk informs them of the available payment options.
  • If the litigant has the filing fee then the Clerk directs them to the Cashiers Counter to pay the required fees.
  • The cashier directs the litigants to mail a copy of the form to the Plaintiff and the Defendant keeps a copy for their own records.