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How to File an Eviction

  • Serve five-day notice, give a copy to tenant, have your copy notarized.  (This is your proof to the judge that you have followed legal procedures.)
  • Come to the Daley Center, 50 W. Washington, Room 601 and ask for a complaint and summons. You may also get these forms from the website. Fill these papers out stating in your complaint:  (a) what it is that you wish to occur as a result of filing the complaint; and (b) address of tenant (for the sheriff to provide service).
  • Come to Room 602 to process the complaint and summons.  You will need a separate summons for each party you are serving. Pay fee to cashier. (If an alias summons is needed there will be an additional fee.)  At this point you will receive a court date, which will be a minimum of 14 days after the initial date of filing.  If you are filing your case electronically, you will need to save and upload the completed documents. 
  • Take copies of the processed complaint and summons to the Sheriff’s Department, 7th Floor, Room 701 to pay the fee for service.
  • Return on designated court date.