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Special Process Server

  • Go to the motion counter in Room 601 to get forms to file a Motion for Special Process Server. (S.P.S. forms).  You may also get forms from the website.
  • You must have the date of the sheriff's last attempt to provide service.
  • The judge may sign the order on your original court date. If you do not return on your original court date you will have to schedule another date by filing a motion in Room 601 at the Motion Counter or through the eFile system.
  • Following the judges’ approval of your motion, go to the information counter in Room 601 and ask for an alias summons and affidavit.  You may also get these from the website.
  • When the alias summons is completed, pay the cashier the designated fee in Room 602 for each person you are serving.  If you are filing electronically, you must upload a copy of the summons for each person you are serving and pay the appropriate fees.
  • Return the affidavit of service to the Clerk's Office with a copy of the summons no later than 3 business days prior to the return/court date.  You may file this return of service electronically.