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Emancipation of Minor

Minors have been known to need emancipation for signing themselves in school, signing a lease or a legal contract. Most minors that ask the court for emancipation no longer live with their parents and have been on their own for a while. The minor must be at least sixteen years of age and demonstrate maturity as a minor to the court. The idea of emancipation for a minor is to have the ability to sign a name legally. The court might ask that the minor testify to the fact that he or she is employed and can physically take care of him or herself and demonstrates maturity. Chicago Volunteer Legal Services (“CVLS”) will aid minors in drafting petitions and navigating their way through the judicial system. CVLS will first interview the minor to determine if he or she meets the criteria for emancipation (a parent has given consent or the guardian has given consent for the emancipation process to occur).