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Filing a Tax Deed Petition

A Petition for Tax Deed is filed when a person or an entity has purchased real estate taxes that have been sold by Cook County.  The Petition can be filed in the County Division. 

The Petition for Tax Deed must include a copy of the Certificate of Purchase as an attachment and refer to the Certificate of Purchase Number in the body of the Petition for Tax Deed. The legal description of the property and the Personal Identification Number (“PIN”) associated with the property must also be included in the Petition.

The petitioner is responsible for ensuring that the following has occurred: 

1. Notice of the tax sale has gone out to all parties that are entitled as required by law via United States certified mail and/or service by the Cook County Sheriff's Office.
2. All general taxes and special assessments that are due and payable on the real estate before the date of the sale are paid or redeemed, as the law requires.
3. Full compliance with all of the applicable provisions of the Property Tax Code and all other applicable Statues of the State of Illinois, which will entitle the tax purchaser to a Tax Deed.