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Petition for Change of Name

The Change of Name court forms may be obtained, in person, from the information counter in County Division, Room 1202, or from the County Division homepage under the Related Forms tab.  You should complete three copies of the following forms, except for the cover sheet.  
  • Petition - Click here for a list of Name Change forms
  • Cover sheet (Form CCCO 0520)

Affidavits must be completed by someone not named on the petition or a relative.  The non-related individual of the person who wants his name changed presents the affidavit.  The non-related individual is affirming that the person wanting the name change is in fact who he/she says he/she is.  Additionally, the affidavits must be notarized.

The affidavit must be published in any newspaper with a circulation of over 100,000.  Any paper will suffice.  The  Chicago Daily Law Bulletin has a desk in Room 802.

You will be given a date to return, and it will be published for six (6) weeks.

The day the publication expires is your court date.  Pick up your notice of publication from the paper, pay the $359.00 filing fee in the County Division, and you will be assigned to a judge.

After receiving a judgment from the judge, have the document certified. 

If the name change is for a minor, publishing the name in a newspaper is not necessary, if:
  1. Both parents are present; or
  2. There is an affidavit from the missing parent.

If you are only changing your last name, and you have a spouse or minor children who wants to change also, they may be listed on the same petition.  A spouse, however, will be required to publish an independent notice.

If you need a new Illinois birth certificate reflecting your name change, mail a copy of the original birth certificate and the certified copy of the Court Judgment for the Change of Name along with $15.00 to:
925 E. Ridgely Avenue
Springfield IL 62702-2737