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Filing of Habeas Corpus - Ad Testificandum

The filing procedures are as follows:
  • To file the motion, come to the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, Administration Building, 2650 South California Avenue, Room 526, Chicago, IL 60608.
  • Moving Parties' Attorney will present the petition and order to the residing judge.
  • The request will be processed.  (Habeas Corpus Miscellaneous form)
  • Forms are to be completed on both sides, please note that the petition involving Cook County Jail should name the current director as respondent. Other correctional facilities should name the warden as respondent.
  • Duplicate copies are required for the petition, order, and certification. All copies are then sealed and signed.
The distribution is as follows:
  • The original certification, copy of petition and order are given to appropriate attorney, assistant state's attorney, public defender or private attorney to present to the jail or correctional institution.
  • A copy of all the above documents is provided to requestor, assistant state's attorney, public defender or private attorney for their records.
  • Both sets are brought to the counter, requestor signs habeas corpus book and original copies of all documents are placed inside the file.