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Lawsuits, Injuries, Small Claims and Debts

Civil Cases and Lawsuits

Lawsuits for money damages for things like injuries, bad debts, breach of contract, and small claims are heard in the Civil Division and Law Division of the Circuit Court.
  • Civil Division - hears cases in which the amount of the claim is less than $30,000 where the event surrounding the lawsuit occurred in the City of Chicago.
    • The Pro Se Court section of the Civil Division resolves disputes between parties where the amount at issue does not exceed $1,500. The party may act as their own attorney. For more information on pro se cases, please call the Civil Division for the First Municipal District (Chicago), which is located on the sixth floor of the Richard J. Daley Center (312) 603-5626.
  • Law Division - hears cases in which the claim is in excess of $30,000 where the events surrounding the lawsuit occurred in the County of Cook. 

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