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Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois
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Electronic Inquiries

The Clerk of the Circuit Court provides electronic mail contact only for general information. Please note that the Clerk's Office can only provide information. We are prohibited by statute and rule from taking any action such as accepting filings or other official communications (i.e., requests for continuances, etc.) via email or telephone. We are also prohibited from rendering legal advice. If you have a scheduled court appearance, you must appear personally or send a representative. Those who require legal information or legal advice are advised to consult an attorney or a legal services provider. If your email falls into one of these categories, we cannot respond.

To order case records, including certified copies, please see our Records and Archives page. For archives or naturalization records, please see our Archives section.

Please Note — Requesters often mistakenly ask us for information maintained by other governmental agencies, use the links on this table to more expediently access that information:

Cook County Clerk's Office Vital records (birth and death certificates, marriage licenses)
Cook County Sheriff's Office Find a person in jail, sex offender information
Illinois Secretary of State Drivers license information
Federal Court General federal cases in United States District Court for Northern District of Illinois
Bankruptcy Court Bankruptcy cases in United States District Court for Northern District of Illinois
Circuit Court of Cook County Information on Cook County Court; Court Rules and Orders; Juror Information

Email to the Clerk’s Office

Please read carefully and check the applicable division. Cook County also has five(5) suburban courthouses where cases are heard. If your case is in one of the suburban courthouses, please be sure to check the appropriate box. Note – If you check the wrong division, we will be unable to route your email for proper response. Case numbers below are examples of format used in the division.

Please check only one (1) box below

(moving violations, tickets, DUI, speeding, suspended licenses)
Traffic (Chicago)
Traffic - Suburban (District 2 thru 6)
(personal injury or contract cases under $30,000, evictions, housing, garnishment, small claims)
First District Municipal Civil
Suburban Municipal
Domestic Relations
Child Support
Case Number Example: (2004-D-123456) Case Number Example: (2004-D-123456)
(divorce, child custody, visitation, divorce decrees, legal separations) (payments, alimony, DNA, paternity)
Case Number Example: (2004-CH-12345) Case Number Example: (2004-P-123456)
(name changes, mortgage foreclosure, injunctions, mechanics liens) (estates, wills, letters of office, passports, guardianships for minors)
Case Number Example: (2004-CO-1234567) Case Number Example: (2004-L-123456)

(adoption, mental health, real estate taxes)

(personal injury and contract cases over $30,000, malpractice, attorney codes)
Criminal Division
Criminal Department
Case Number Example: (2004-CR-123456) Case Number Example: (2004-MC1-123456)
(felonies, crimes, drugs, indictments) (misdemeanors, expungements, disorderly conduct)
Juvenile Justice
Child Protection
Case Number Example: (2004-CR-123456) Case Number Example: (2004-MC1-123456)
(juvenile delinquency, criminal violations by minors) (abused neglected and dependent minors, private guardianship, termination of parental rights)
Suburban Districts
(District 2 - Skokie; District 3 - Rolling Meadows; District - 4 Maywood; District - 5 Bridgeview; District - 6 Markham)
(Cases heard: Traffic, Civil, Criminal, Domestic Relations, Child Support/Parentage, Domestic Violence, Law Division)



General Information

Use the form below to submit any questions you have to the Clerk of the Circuit Court . If you provide your e-mail address, a member of our Response Team will respond to you within seven business days. For privacy and security purposes, we recommend that you do NOT include any other personal information, especially Social Security numbers.

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