E-Plea/E-Pay for Court Diversion


Welcome to the Clerk of the Circuit Court eplea/epaySystem. This system is only available for persons 18 years of age or older who have been issued court diversion tickets(What is Court Diversion?) 

Credit or debit card payments are accepted.


You are utilizing this system because you recently received a traffic ticket (also referred to as a "complaint") and you wish to PLEAD GUILTY and PAY your traffic ticket or to PLEAD NOT GUILTY and to REQUEST a COURT HEARING DATE. To continue with the GUILTY PLEA and PAYMENT of your traffic ticket or to PLEAD NOT GUILTY and to request a court hearing date, completely read the instructions below regarding the timeliness of your payment and how to search for your traffic ticket to obtain the balance due.


You can only use the online payment feature if you wish either to plead guilty and accept a conviction reportable to the Illinois Secretary of State or, if you believe that you are eligible for Traffic Safety School. If you are not eligible for Traffic Safety School or you fail to complete the course successfully, a conviction will be reported to the Illinois Secretary of State and YOUR FEE WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

Traffic tickets may not be paid via this system if your ticket is marked "must appear" or if you have a violation that is by statute a "must appear" violation.

Search. You may only PLEAD GUILTY to and PAY a traffic ticket or PLEAD NOT GUILTY to and request a court hearing date for a traffic ticket where you are the Defendant. To search for your traffic ticket, you must enter both:

           your name
    and two of the following:
your citation, date of birth,  driver's license number, zip code

The Complaint (ticket) Number is the most accurate method for finding your outstanding tickets. (Where is my ticket number located?)

 If you do not find your traffic ticket through the search, please try again on the next business day. It takes seven (7) to twenty-one (21) days for a ticket to be received from the police agency and entered into the Clerk's system. Because it is your responsibility to pay your ticket on time, if your ticket does not become available online, contact the Traffic Division.

Confirmation of Payment. Upon the completion of the transaction, you will have an opportunity to print a confirmation page for your records. An additional confirmation can be sent to your e-mail address, if provided.

Confirmation of Court Hearing Request. Upon the completion of the transaction, you will have an opportunity to print a court pass with your appearance information. An additional confirmation can be sent to your e-mail address, if provided. Bring this court pass with you to court.

If you are unable to successfully complete the payment transaction for any reason, your traffic ticket will remain PENDING and you must either remit payment or request a court date via the Internet, by mail, or in person.

DO NOT use this system if you have already submitted a payment or request through the mail. This could result in a duplicate transaction and a double payment for your traffic ticket.


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