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Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois
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Clerk of Circuit Court Self Represented (Pro Se) Resources

Dorothy Brown, the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois provides this Self Help Center offering access to information and public resources with a special focus on people representing themselves (Self Represented or Pro Se litigants).  It is organized by general topics set forth below.   Hopefully, this organization will make it easier for non-lawyers to find the information and resources that they need to move through the Circuit Court.

Please note that neither the information contained in this Self Help Center nor on any site to which we link constitutes legal advice. The Clerk of the Circuit Court does not give legal advice. The law is constantly changing, and we make no warranty of the accuracy of information on this site or any site to which we link. By using this Self Help Center, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. If you need a lawyer or legal help, go to: Finding an Attorney.
Collapse_This_Window Going to Court

Going to Court
Court, Waiving Court Costs, Instructions for Going to Court, Court Forms

Collapse_This_Window Finding an Attorney

Finding an Attorney
Information on finding an attorney, Low-cost Legal advice, Legal aid or assistance and legal information resource available on the Internet.

Collapse_This_Window Wills, Estates and Guardianships

Wills, Estates and Guardianships
Wills, Estates, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Adult Guardianships

Collapse_This_Window Family & Juvenile

Family & Juvenile
Divorce, Child Support, Visitation, Custody, Domestic Violence, Paternity, Guardianship

Collapse_This_Window Lawsuits, Injuries, Money & Debt

Lawsuits, Injuries, Money & Debt
Debt Collection, Contracts, Credit, Automobiles

Collapse_This_Window Criminal & Traffic

Criminal and Traffic
Felonies, Misdemeanors, Expungement, Sealing, DUI, Speeding, Traffic Tickets

Collapse_This_Window Housing
Eviction, Tenants' Rights, Security Deposits, Public Housing, Foreclosure

Collapse_This_Window Small Claims
Small Claims
Small Claims,Small Claims Forms, Accidents, Injuries, Contracts, Credit Cards

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