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Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois
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Famous On-Line Cases

The Clerk of the Circuit Court archives contain original court files and documents reflecting the history of Cook County and, in many cases, the United States.   While every court case is very important to the participants, some cases involving famous (or infamous) people or situations engender strong and enduring public interest.  The court files and documents generated by these cases provide a window to the social, economic and political history of Cook County.

This "Famous On-Line Cases" section is an online exhibit hall featuring information about some of our most famous (or notorious) case holdings.   For each case, we include a narrative summary, images of some of the original case documents and advice on how to get further information about the case.  Please check back periodically to see the new and interesting cases that we have added.

The Archives Department of the Clerk of the Circuit Court maintains thousands of files for criminal, probate, domestic relations and civil cases.  Whether you are a family historian looking for information on a particular case involving your family or a history buff peeking through the historical window of a famous case file, our Archives Department can assist you.  Please browse other portions of this archives section to learn more about our holdings and how to order archival records from our office.

Cases Currently On-Line

Black Sox Scandal

Louis Armstrong Domestic Relations Case

Haymarket Affair Case

Dean C. O'Banion Probate Case

Nelson Algren Case

Iroquois Theater Fire

Leopold and Loeb- Crime of the Century

John Wayne Gacy

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