Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court
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Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois
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Records and Archives

Room 1113 – Richard J. Daley Center
50 W. Washington
Chicago, IL  60602


(excluding naturalizations)

Before you download any forms to request a search, PLEASE NOTE the following important points. FAILURE TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS MAY DELAY THE SEARCH. CALL WITH ANY QUESTIONS!

Provide us with specific information (dates, names, type of case). Our staff cannot carry out broad searches (i.e., every file about the Smith family, or every file about Prohibition).

We must find a case number in order to locate a file. To do this we search indices, or lists, for names of plaintiff(s) and defendant(s). These indices are formatted by date and type of case. We must search for the correct spelling of a name and the correct date(s) to find the case number of the record you want! (If you have the case number, we do not need to search for it.)

Case files are stored off-site (except for naturalization records). We usually receive case files within a week of ordering.

We charge SEPARATE fees for searches, for certified copies, and for informational uncertified copies of documents from a case file.

  • Searches: $9.00 per year searched in indices, payable in advance.
  • Certified copies: $9.00 per certified document, plus photocopy charges.
  • Informational uncertified copies: Per Illinois statute, photocopy charges are as follows:

    First page copied $2.00

    Next 19 pages @ $ .50

    Remaining pages @ $ .25

    (We will bill you for the correct amount after these pages are counted)

All checks and money orders must be made payable to: Clerk of Circuit Court. On personal checks, please write your driver’s license number.

Please select the form (listed below) for the type of case that you would like to search. Print and complete the form and mail it (with the required fee) to the Clerk of Circuit Court Archives at the address above.


Record Search Form

ACCESSIBILITY: The Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County provides reasonable accommodations to customers with disabilities who need access to the Clerk’s Office services and programs. If you have a disability that you believe may be affecting your access to our services and programs, please contact our ADA Coordinator Patience Keys, at 50 W. Washington Room 1003, Chicago, IL 60602, telephone number 312. 603.4048 or send email to prkeys@cookcountycourt.com. For GENERAL INFORMATION, please call 312-603-5030.

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