Finding an Attorney

If you want to hire a lawyer, there are many services to help you find legal representation.

Free Legal Help

If you are looking for free legal help, you can call the CARPLS Legal Aid Hotline at (312) 738-9200 to speak with a lawyer for free.

  • The hotline is open Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM and until 7:30 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • CARPLS attorneys will refer you to another legal aid or pro bono organization for additional help if here is an appropriate referral.

You can also contact a legal aid organization directly by looking at the directory of legal aid and pro bono organizations in Cook County to find one that offers services in the relevant area of law.

You can learn more about legal aid and pro bono in Cook County on Illinois Legal Aid Online. You can also apply for free help from some legal aid organizations.

Lawyer Referral Services

Referral services will match you with a lawyer with experience in the relevant area of law. Some referral services may charge a small fee for the initial consultation. You are not obliged to hire the lawyer, and the lawyer is not obligated to take you as a client.

  • Chicago Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service - Referral service connecting people with experienced lawyers who charge fees for their serves after a $30 initial consultation. Use the online platform or call (312) 554-2001 for a referral.
  • Illinois State Bar Association LawyerFinder - Referral services connecting people with lawyers throughout Illinois who charges fees for their services after a $25 initial consultation. Use the online platform or call (800) 922-8757 for a referral.
  • Justice Entrepreneurs Project: Referral service for lawyers who offer lower cost legal service that often include fixed fees and flexible representation options in many areas of law. Use the online platform or call (312) 546-3282 for a referral.
  • Limited Scope Referral Panels: Lawyers who offer unbundled legal services in family law & eviction law.
  • South Suburban Bar Association: Referral service for lawyers who represent clients in the south suburbs of Chicago and at the Sixth Municipal District Courthouse in Markham.  Call (708) 239-8500 for a referral.

Lawyer Directories

Directories are lists of lawyers who you can reach out to directly for more information.  You are not obligated to hire the lawyer, and the lawyer is not obligated to take you as a client.